50th Birthday Celebration @ Kings Banquet Hall in Houston, TX

January 13th, 2012 @   -  No Comments

Mrs. Loomma had a huge 50th Birthday Celebration, held @ Kings Banquet Hall in Houston TX, July, 2011.

She wanted a large custom fruit display that could be seen as the guests walked through the front door. She told me the fruits she wanted and told me to surprise her with the display.

I decided to go with a watermelon carving and her name on the front accented with red jewels.  Her age was made out of fresh pineapples bursting out of the top of the carving. I also went with variety of fruit on the inside of the watermelon.

The display consisted of fruit cascading down to the table.  Kiwi, pineapples, grapes, cantaloupes, honeydew, strawberries, and oranges and lemons carved into flowers were the chosen fruits.

To ensure the guests could see the display when they walked in, I made the base light up in order to add more of an ambiance! This event was prepared for 300 guests.  WOW…what an awesome event!